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Craig Hauser, M.D.

Show Host

Life as a young doctor was awesome (married the woman of my dreams, had 3 wonderful children, pets, the picket fence, etc.) but life has a way of getting complicated and I started having medical issues myself.

I was thrown some curveballs and suffered a series of illnesses. I started to feel not myself and very unhealthy. I started to withdraw from life other than when my family dragged me back. My issues ranged from kidney stones, shingles, Lyme disease, tinnitus, and Bell’s Palsy to stress, anxiety and (what I dreaded the most) panic attacks. I’ve had high cholesterol, reflux (GERD), put on extra pounds, and tried all kinds of exercise and diets. I know all too well what irritable bowel disease is and just how little it is regarded in the typical American medical system. My medicine cabinet was FULL of prescriptions. I also know first hand about SSRIs, anti-anxiety medicine and the deep desire for a more natural, more effective solution without all the awful side effects.

So I set out on a journey. Maybe like the one you’ve been on, bouncing from doctor to doctor and rushing through 15 minute appointments (after waiting for hours!). Google became my best friend (albeit a dangerous one). I started to realize that the food that I chose to eat could help me feel better, or make me feel worse. Eventually I discovered Complementary and Alternative medicine, Functional medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, etc. Anything other than Western Medicine, which treated me like a number even though I was part of the system.

I realized that I needed the best of both worlds and that’s when I found Integrative Medicine: I began studying with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona as a Fellow in the Integrative Medicine program. I learned how to take the best parts of Western Medicine and “integrate” them with Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Now, my medicine cabinet is much simpler and my refrigerator, garden, and pantry are much healthier.  Most importantly, my life is less stressful and more full.

About Our Podcast

Wouldn’t it be great if I could put myself out of a job by teaching everyone about medicine?  Maybe not what you expected to read, right?  But it’s the truth. I know the path that Western Medicine is on, and it’s not pretty. The solution to so many problems is ‘take a pill.’  The problem is most of them are just band-aides, and most of them have SERIOUS side effects!

So lets talk about herbs, specialized testing, how to get your blood-sugar under control, ways to reduce hypertension, stress, and anxiety.  No subject is out of the question. Let’s dig deep into the world of Alternative Medicine and how it can help us to heal from the bottom up. No more band-aids covering up the issues, but digging to the root of the issue.  And if, along the way, people start getting better and I get put out of a job…well, that wouldn’t be so bad!

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