Episode 9: Life is Too Short for Bad Fitting Genes: Dr. Julie Reardon

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Highlights from Today’s show:

  • Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenomics, and SNPs…what are they?
  • Are you super-sensitive to everything? Could you be the Canary in the Coal Mine?
  • MTHFR and metabolizing folate
  • Statins for high cholesterol and how to fight the side effects with genomics
  • Using pharmacogenomics to determine medications you should take
  • Heterozygous or homozygous, 1 allele or 2. What really matters?
  • My favorite SNPs: COMT, CyP450, Interleukin IL5, Glutathione transferase, TNF, HLA-DQ, APOE, F5
  • Should you be getting your genes tested?
  • Avoiding feeding on the fears if you come back positive, and how to turn that frown (bad news) upside down
  • Epigenetics and turning genes on and off through our lifestyle
  • Telomere research, cleaning up cancer, and slowing down aging
  • LIVE IT Minute: Learn, Incorporate, Vitalize, Exercise, Imagine, Thank
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